Made my Monday

There are lots of reasons for Monday to not be my favorite day today, like staying up way to late last night because of Daylight Savings Time, instead I decided to find some joy in it and share with you some of the things that Made my Monday!


1. An empty turn in bin!  This means that all of my grading is up to date and will stay that way because all of the late work for the quarter was due last Friday!


2. Catching up my CrossFit log.  I really need to get better at writing my daily workouts in here but today I caught up the last two weeks.  I’m so excited to see my progress through the CrossFit Open as I’m really pushing myself do try weights and workouts that I wouldn’t normally do in a regular WOD at the gym.  Look for a whole CrossFit post coming soon!


3. These ballet flats from Target.  I was in desperate need of some new brown shoes and I found these beauties at Target last week.  They are so comfortable and at $19.99 the price was great, too!


4. Do you see that?  Those three white squares are the only things keeping me from SPRING BREAK 2014!  That’s right!  I only have three more workdays before I get an entire week off!  Yes!


5.  This little girl!  She loves to check the mail with me.  Or more like she loves to go on walks and sort our junk mail into these bigger compartments before throwing them away.  Her sweet face just makes my day.


6.  Moments of peace and quiet all to myself!  This is a horrible selfie but I was so excited to take a few minutes of alone time while Carl gave Harper a bath.  I used this time to check FB, IG and my email.  For lent I gave up using my phone/computer/internet after 8pm in an effort to be more present where life is happening, as opposed to reading about what others are doing, which I also love!


7. My ranking for the CrossFit Open after scores for 14.2 were submitted.  I know I’m in the bottom 5% of people competing, but the fact that I’m doing the Open at all is a huge win in my book.  The support and encouragement from the people in my box has been simply awesome!  I’ve grown so much these last two weeks, mentally, physically and emotionally and it’s all because I decided to challenge myself and see what would happen.

What has made your day today?  What are you looking forward to?

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