Time change donuts and other ramblings

Today was one of those perfect days.  Not because everything was actually perfect because, trust me, there were temper tantrums, raised voices and running errands when we all just wanted to be doing something else.  I like to think of today as perfectly imperfect.  Today was perfectly imperfect because even in those imperfect moments, I was with two of my favorite people in the world. 



My favorite part of today was when we went to Dunkin Donuts to celebrate Daylight Savings.  Lose an hour of your life that you’ll never get back?  Celebrate with a donut!  

I realize it’s not the healthiest of traditions, but last fall when we were coming back from the park and passed the DD that is by our house our car was just drawn there and since it was time to gain and hour and celebrate I figured a donut was the way to do it.  Now there is something to look forward to those two weird weekends out of the year.

So maybe it wasn’t the actual trip to DD that I liked, but watching Harper just delight in the simplicity of a donut.  Girlfriend had her entire face covered with chocolate frosting and “pinckles!”  She knows how to eat a dount, lol!

After DD we went to the park to let her burn off some energy.  She loves to play in the sand volleyball court.  I don’t think we have a player on our hands as she’d rather run around in the sand or lay in it and make sand angles.  I love to watch her play – complete delight on her face as she runs around, free as anything, not a care in the world.

Today she came over to me while I was sitting on the grass with Carl and said, “Mommy!  Play with me!” and pulled at my shoes.  I’m not always the best player but something about being at the park just makes me take a deep breath and just let go.  Harper helped me take off my shoes and socks and off we went to feel the cool sand between our toes, make little sand mounds, and take turns burying each other’s feet.  

Eventually she grew tired of playing with me and went off to try to play with the older boys who were also in the sand.  I love that she just went right up to them and said, “Play?”  Of course they didn’t pay much attention to her and kept playing their own game, but I love her willingness to open up to others.  If she wants to play, she’s going to play with whoever is there no matter how old they are.  She stood there and watched these older boys play for a little while before walking over to a younger little girl.  Carl and I were on the other end so we couldn’t hear exactly what Harper was saying to her, but the mother there said Harper was asking if the little girl wanted to run and play with her.  She was a little too small for running and playing, but it just warmed my heart to see Harper try to include her in the fun.  

I hope Harper always keeps that love for others alive in her heart.

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