Something to celebrate


This may just look like an ordinary picture but there are actually several things that I’m celebrating about it.

My mom got Harper a bike for Easter and she absolutely loves it! While I’m sure it will be quite some time before she can steer, pedal, and go on her own I’m so excited to watch her with it and enjoy being outside.

If you know me well you know how I feel about shorts. My legs have always been the area on my body that I’ve always struggled with accepting. I was gifted this pear body shape with these legs and booty from my father’s Cuban heritage. Baby Got Back was my anthem back in the day. My mother’s Italian roots aren’t helping either but her gift to me was the cellulite. Oh God, the cellulite. The look of it ebbs and flows with my weight and while I’ve never been small enough to see if it would go away completely, seeing what my Mom and Gram’s legs looked like in shorts as I was growing up, I think it will always be there. I’m working on accepting it but there are still days that I’m embarrassed by it. I’ve talked to a few of my lady friends about this just recently and I so appreciate their support to embrace it.

So today when Harper asked to ride her bike when I picked her up this afternoon, I used it as an opportunity to get outside my comfort zone and put shorts on. Here I am in this picture for the world to see, wearing shorts with legs as white as beach sand.

Of course we had to document Harper on her bike, you know how I love pictures! I made Carl go first, pushing Harper back and forth on the sidewalk in front of our house. Eventually he got tired and it was my turn. He asked for my phone to snap some pictures of me with Harper and I hesitated a moment. I really did. I contemplated whether or not I wanted any picture of me in these shorts.

Then I remembered why I bust my ass three days a week at CrossFit, run one day a week and try to eat as healthy as I can. It’s to learn to feel more comfortable in my skin. It’s to teach Harper to love her body every nook, cranny, curve, bump, and beautiful part of it. I handed Carl the phone and had fun with my daughter. I pushed her up and down the sidewalk, guiding her as we worked on her steering and her left and right. I enjoyed the breeze on our face and the sound of her the little streamers on her handlebars. I enjoyed the moment, and it was wonderful.

Of course as soon as we got into the house I looked at the pictures, dissecting each one to see if the image I had of myself in the shorts was as bad in real life as I thought it would be. You know what? None of the pictures were. In fact, when I came across this picture all I could see was the muscle in my quad right above my knee. Hell yeah! That’s something to celebrate!

So, does Baby still Got Back? Sure thing. And I may always. But today I’m celebrating shorts, growing muscles, and a new found acceptance and love of my body. Will I still feel a little anxious the day I wear these to CrossFit? Hell yes! But you know what? I can’t think of another group that will support me and encourage me to wear them, cellulite and all!

What are you celebrating today?