I hate Valentine’s Day.

My brain is complete mush right now from planning and thinking about the lesson that I’m going to do for my formal observation next week.  I know I shouldn’t plan a “dog and pony” show when I’m being observed, and I never really do, but this year I’m having a difficult time making the topic exciting.  It’s the parts/layers of the sun.  Seriously?  How basic and lower level can you get?  Coming up with a fun way to present the information is seriously eluding me right now and thinking about putting the lesson into the lesson plan template that I dislike on a regular day is seriously making me want to cry.  I have a few ideas of something to do, but in general, I’m not sure that this will be the best or most exciting lesson. Period.


I certainly didn’t start writing this to complain about my observation next week.  I was actually here to tell you why I hate Valentine’s Day.  Gasp!  I know!  I hate Valentine’s Day!  I doubt that I’m the only one out there with a strong distaste for Hallmark Holidays where flowers are marked up 100% and regular expressions of love like a sweet note that should happen every day (or at least be thought of) are suddenly traded for a $5 card and a heart shaped box of chocolate filled with candy no one likes to eat.

Maybe it’s more than that.  Maybe it just goes back to the simple fact that just because someone created a day that we make sure we tell our loved ones that they are special and loved, something still goes wrong and unplanned and just makes the day somehow disappointing.  I can’t be the only one that feels this way about Valentine’s Day, can I?

Needless to say, Carl and I didn’t have big plans for Friday night.  I went to my usual 3:00pm CrossFit class, enjoyed “Fight gone bad” (which I totally thought was hysterical as a Valentine’s Day workout) and came home to relax as Carl was set to pick up Harper.  I was really surprised when my loves arrived home with some daisies that Carl picked up from Winn-Dixie (score for saving money!).  Harper called up the stairs, showing me a flower Carl had picked off of the bouquet for her, saying “Mommy!  Daddy!  Flower!” over and over again.  Seriously, she was screaming up the stairs.  It was awesome.

After we put her down for bed, Carl and I decided to attempt to make Valentine’s Day special by ordering take out Japanese Steakhouse from down the street.  We have been seriously budgeting crazy over here (envelopes and all!) so this was quite a treat for us.  Carl called and placed our order and 20 minutes later he was out the door.  We’d both been thinking about our delicious splurge all day and I couldn’t wait to enjoy some chicken, steak, and fried rice.  Yum!

40 minutes later I got a text from him saying that he’d been waiting and our food still wasn’t ready.  There was a couple next to him that had been waiting almost an hour and their food wasn’t ready either.  I’m no stranger to how crowded restaurants get on a Friday night around our house.  Add in a “holiday” and I was totally okay with waiting a little longer.  Besides, I had a glass of wine and some smooth jazz (which I love, by the way.  You can stop laughing now.) playing on the pandora station.  Never mind that Auggie was winning the whole time and I kept yelling at him to stop.  Never mind that I should have taken him out to pee and he would have stopped winning.  Never mind that I hadn’t eaten since 1pm and could have eaten my arm off.  I was saving room for our delicious dinner.

20 minutes later I got another text from Carl (this is an hour later now…).  He was still waiting, the people next to him were still waiting and hopefully the food would be out soon.  Okay.  I can wait.  It is Japanese Steakhouse, after all.

20 more minutes go by and I finally call Carl.  That’s when I realize just how much I really hate Valentine’s Day.  Apparently our food had been ready the whole time.  It had been so busy in the restaurant that no one had noticed that all of the to-go orders had been sitting out for God only knows how long because there wasn’t any communication with the front.  When Carl found out he walked out of the restaurant.  Without our food.  Our delicious food that I’d been waiting all day for.

Carl was home by 9pm with Chinese food from the little place next to Winn Dixie, which was actually pretty damn good and saved us $20.   We scarfed down our food, listened to smooth jazz and laughed at how ridiculous the whole night was.

I guess it wasn’t such a bad Valentine’s Day after all.

What do you think of Valentine’s Day?  Do you like it or think it’s just a Hallmark Holiday?