Lately in photos

This afternoon I stumbled upon my new favorite website, The Eighty Twenty.  Just check out this excerpt from their “about” section:

The Eighty Twenty is an online magazine and community, built by and for women who lean toward the Paleo lifestyle. This site is for those who crave balance in all things. For the woman who knows what makes her feel better: more sweat, less complaining, more vegetables, less sugar, more fat, less grains, more books, less television, more fresh air, less desk jobs; the same woman who knows sometimes you just have to work late, skip the gym, eat the cookie, drink the second glass, sleep in, binge on Netflix, splurge on mascara.

The Eighty Twenty Rule has taken on new meaning over the years since the Paleo/Primal lifestyle hit the scene. For some, it means 80% clean, 20% not. For others, it means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs. For us, it means: make your own rules and make them count.

How could anyone {especially a woman!} not love it?  I really love that they are going to be kicking off a “reset” {same as a Whole30} on August 1st and they have meal suggestions and a grocery list all ready to go!  We will still be on our own 30 Day Paleo Challenge, but this will be great for continuing our Paleo lifestyle once the craziness of school starting and “real life” begins.

Long story long, they inspired me with their Lately in Photos and I thought I would do this for the month of July since it’s almost over {can you believe it?!}.

Feeding Fish Playing with Grammy 1000 rep challenge Pool with Family  Birthday Burpees  Carl at CrossFit Reading New Dishwasher  First Rx Workout Brazilian Blow Out

1. Harper feeding the fish at The Dolphin with Carl and Pa
2. Harper playing with Grammy
3. Amy and me after finishing the 1000 rep challenge at her gym {brutal!  I don’t know how she does this every month!}
4. Fun swimming!
5. Birthday burpees: 34+1 for good luck
6. Carl’s back at CrossFit
7. Family reading time after dinner
8. We finally got a new dishwasher
9. My first Rx WOD
10. My hair after my Brazilian Blowout

What does your life look like lately?


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