2014 word of the year

I know lots of people talk about having a word of the year to focus on; a word to remember and think about when life gets a little rough or to celebrate when life is awesome.

My friend Hilary chose fun which is such a great way to make sure that life isn’t taken too seriously all the time.  My friends Lindsay and Kristin decided to do a word of the month, which I think is brilliant!  What a great way to incorporate so many different aspects of positive thinking throughout the year.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Publix and decided to treat myself with a SweetLeaf tea.  I love their Mint and Honey tea and even more so, I love the little “Grannyisms” that they have under the bottle cap. That day I opened the bottle and found the best phrase.  


Love.  It totally made my heart sing and I wanted to write it everywhere.

There are lots of different things going on in our lives right now and it’s really easy to get caught up in and focus on the not so great things.  So in an effort to focus on the good in our lives Carl and I talked a little bit about what we wanted to accomplish this year (Yes, I realize it’s January 9th…) and the theme that seemed to keep popping up was to “live like our daughter” and find joy in even the simple and mundane things.  And with that our family word of the year was born.



it’s such a simple word yet has so much meaning, if you really think about it.  I feel like the word encompasses so many different aspects of life and makes it easy to think back on the day to see where there was joy present.  Even the worst day has joy-filled moments.

This morning I found joy in a few sweet moments with Harper as we got ready for the day and shared breakfast.  I found joy watching Harper’s face light up as “Daddy!” came down stairs.  I found joy teaching my students today and seeing them make connections between the content we are starting and content they learned in 6th grade. 

Today was far from a “perfect” day, but there were many moments that were filled with joy to focus on instead of thinking about all of the things that weren’t so great about today.


Amen!  (and a special thanks to Hil for posting this little quote on IG the other day!)

Where did you find joy today?

What do you think about focus words?  What is yours?


2 thoughts on “2014 word of the year

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