Paleo challenge: week 3

Paleo Challenge

Three weeks in and one more to go!  This is it!  We are in the home stretch!  

How was week 3?

I know I said that week 2 was challenging, but I think that week 3 was even more so.  For me, I think it was because I had some lovely hormonal things going on (TMI: sorry!) which totally had me craving chocolate and all things sweet.  We did do a better job of eating veggies, which was good!

In general we struggle with staying Paleo on the weekends (probably because we are out and about and it’s so hard to not just grab something while we are out) and that was in full force this week.  While we were at the outlet mall we were a little hungry and had we not been doing the challenge we totally would have gotten a pretzel or some fro-yo.  Not a good thing for my tummy or our bank account!

Did we have any “cheat” meals or desserts?

We didn’t have a “cheat” meal, but we definitely had some cheat desserts.  We had some people over for dinner on Friday night and Carl made paleo cookies, paleo bread, and we ate some cake that our friend Katie brought over.  We did also indulge in some veggie chips and fruit from The Fresh Market today although the fruit chips were actually too sweet for me to eat.  My palate has definitely become more sensitive to sugar the past three weeks.

How are we feeling? 

Continuing to feel good.  There is something to be said for eating a meal that is beautiful and feeling completely satisfied afterwards.  I feel that way so much more after eating a healthy, Paleo meal than something that I may be craving at the time – which usually leaves me feeling bloated and gross.  Now if I can just remember that in the moment. 😉  

My skin (and even Carl’s!) is continuing to look good and I didn’t even break out like I usually do during my period (again, sorry TMI).

How’s CrossFit going?

This week brought three more workouts for me and two for Carl.  I was able to do my first Rx workout this week!

First Rx

First Rx2

You know it was a good workout when everyone is on the floor afterwards!

Notable, amazing food we’ve eaten

Week three brought some really great new recipes and things that we repeated because they were so good including,

Goals for week 4 

  • Make three CrossFit classes
  • Eat less nuts/bars and more veggies for snacks
  • Skip the “cheat” meal
  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night – meaning go to sleep earlier!

Yep, same goals as week 3, but they are good ones so I’m going to stick with them.  

Secret to Change

What are you building new?

You can read about week 1 and week 2 of our Paleo challenge if you want more recipes or to get caught up with how it has been going.


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