A day in the life

Like the “what I’m loving lately” posts, I also love reading about what other people do during their days.  It had been a while since the last time I used my “real” camera so I decided to break it out and snap some pictures of what we did during the day.  Obviously not all days are like this and it’s just a snapshot of time, a nice highlight, if you will.

Note:  I definitely need to work on my photo editing so please excuse some of the horrible, grainy pics in some of the shots.  I’m working with PicMonkey right now but I’m not sure it’s what I’m going to stick with.  Any suggestions on free or relatively inexpensive photo editing software?

7am: Harper is up!


Carl made smoothies for breakfast so I down that, fill up my Hydro Flask, and slowly drink coffee while reading blogs for a little while.  Harper is watching cartoons (yes, we let her watch TV and *gasp* sometimes it’s on all day long as background noise while we are playing) and Carl is getting ready for CrossFit.

8am: Painting “Kitty” and “Ponies”


Earlier this summer I bought these painting papers on clearance at Michael’s to do as an art activity together.  They aren’t my favorite as the paint part of the paper often bleeds onto the table and makes a mess but they keep Harper happy and entertained for about 20-30 minutes.  When we first started there was definitely more water than paint on her paper so  she’s gotten the hang of dipping her brush into the water and then rubbing it on the paint squares before trying to paint.  She doesn’t like it when our pictures look better than hers and often tries to steal either our brushes or our pictures.

9am: Laundry


10am: Snack time and working on our monthly budget


A smoothie doesn’t hold me long so I was hungry just a few hours later today.  If I’m being honest I’m usually hungry most of the day so snacking really isn’t unusual for me.  Harper wasn’t too excited about me trying to work on the budget so this didn’t last long and we watched countless videos by Super Simple Songs on youtube.

11:00am: Lunch time


Carl is home from CrossFit and we make lunch.  I love when Harper helps us in the kitchen because it exposes her to different kinds of foods in their different stages of being cooked.  Girl loves raw kale but won’t touch it once it’s cooked.  Go figure!  Today we are making egg salad.

Noon: Folding laundry


1 pm: Nap time

No picture of this but I took a nap while Carl and Harper played downstairs.  I’m always thankful that Carl will watch Harper so I can take napes during the day.

2pm: Who’s a princess?  


Today there is a princess party at the local library so Harper picked out this dress from Keith and Amy’s rehearsal to wear.

3pm: Too crowded!

DSC_0776 DSC_0773 DSC_0775

We get to the library and it’s PACKED!  We parked a good bit away and walked in, discovering all kinds of fun things on our way.  We’d never been to this library branch and really liked it compared to the one that is closer to our house because it has a separate children’s area.  We opted not to participate in the princess party and decided to look at the books, play on the computer and make our way to the park we passed on our way in.

4pm: Parkin’ it

DSC_0777 DSC_0790 DSC_0802DSC_0786

Harper enjoyed the little park way more than she enjoyed being inside the library.  She’s definitely an outside girl!

5pm: A new place to explore


On our way home we decided to stop by Fresh Market to check it out.  I needed to pick up a dessert for girl’s night and we always enjoy checking out new (to us) grocery stores.  Harper even tried a free sample of grapefruit juice and loved it.

6pm: Girl’s night


I should have been there already but I was running a bit late.  I’m so glad that I pushed on and went because I had so much fun!  I love Catie, who truly has the most amazing heart, and was glad to hang our with her and some other ladies for the Initial Outfitters party.

7-8pm: Shopping the party and having fun


It was neat being a guest at a party instead of the consultant.  I enjoyed just sitting back and listening to the consultant’s presentation and flipping casually through the catalog.  I decided on a chevron scarf with my monogram and I can’t wait to get it!

9pm: Packin’ lunch


We are sending Harper to daycare on Fridays for the last few weeks of summer so I packed her lunch when I got home.

10pm: Bedtime


After a shower and chatting with Carl I finally crawl into bed to read the Paleo Magazine that I picked up from Fresh Market.  I don’t think I lasted 10 minutes reading before I turned off the light and went to sleep.

And there we have it!  A day in the life at the Unsweet Tea household. 🙂

What are your days like?  Do they vary or are they pretty similar each day?  



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