What I’m loving lately

What I'm loving lately

I always love it when bloggers share some of their favorite stuff so I thought I would share some of the things I’m loving lately.

The Door Monkey:Harper had a difficult time when we transitioned Harper to her toddler bed earlier this summer.  The first few nights were okay and then she’d get out of bed, close the door and sit between her door and the baby gate we have outside of her door to keep her from going downstairs.  After a few weeks of horrible sleep we finally broke down and bought one and she’s done AMAZING with it on her door.  The firs time we put it on she cried for about four minutes before putting herself back to bed and went right to sleep a few minutes later.  She hasn’t gotten out of bed since!  Score!

The Whole30A few people from our CrossFit box decided to start a Paleo Challenge on July 7th and while it’s hard, I’m really loving how I’m feeling.  We are closing in on week two (recap of our prep and week 1 here) and while we are definitely not perfect I love how it’s really challenging us to look at food (and our relationship with it) in a different way. It’s amazing how many things have sugar added to it, too!


This shirtbecause it’s awesome.  I want one for me and Harper!

The Hydro Flask: This water bottle is AMAZING!  I bought it after reading about it on someone’s blog (of course I can’t remember who now!) and was totally sold!  I bought the 40oz bottle in Everest Blue from REI a few days ago and it hasn’t left my side since.  I love that it’s insulated so it keeps water cold (seriously, I still have ice in there from when I filled it up this morning and it’s 8:30pm!) even when it’s left in the car, it doesn’t sweat, AND it’s 40oz so I’m getting my water in.  It’s on the pricey side but trust me, it’s worth every penny!

I also love that Hydro Flask has a charitable side to it, too.

5% Back (former FivePercentBack.org) was created by Hydro Flask in 2009. Hydro Flask stands apart in their belief that great flasks and great causes can go hand-in-hand. They are strong believers in taking care of each other and the environment in which we live. Therefore, when Hydro Flask began in 2009, 5% Back started as well. Through 5% Back, Hydro Flask offers you an opportunity to give back to the greater community by choosing a charity to donate five percent of the net profit of your Hydro Flask purchase.

Discovering new blogs: I’ve found a few new blogs lately and wanted to give them a shout out! Ashley from My Food & Fitness Diaries is just so sweet and has the cutest little boy.  I’m also loving A Healthy Slice of Life.  Brittany has a daughter around Harper’s age and just had a baby girl two months ago.  I love her real stories about life with two little ones and no, this doesn’t mean I’m thinking about another baby!

Shopping at new stores:  I’ve always loved checking out new grocery stores and we’ve started shopping at Whole Foods and Fresh Market again.  I know, I know, Whole Paycheck, but their 365 brand actually has lower prices than some of the brands at Publix (for coconut milk, unsweetened shredded coconut, etc.) which I was really surprised about.  Both of these stores are just fun and different than our normal Costco and Publix runs.

What are some things that you’re loving lately?

Note:  None of the companies I’ve mentioned above have compensated me in any way I just love their products and wanted to share them with you!


2 thoughts on “What I’m loving lately

  1. I have to remember the monkey door because Ashley will be the one leaving her room every night! Love your post!

    • Thanks Monica! We tried to be patient and walk Harper back to bed while we were away for the 4th with our family and it took 45 minutes to put her to bed each night. While there wasn’t screaming or crying (from either of us!) it was just very tedious and I missed time with our family. When we got home and decided to try out the Door Monkey I nearly cried with excitement when she just walked herself back to bed! It’s less than $20 and well worth the money! xo

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