My momma’s heart.

In the words of my friend Hilary, “My mama’s heart is so thankful!”

Hilary and I have been friends since the summer before they moved her to teach 7th grade science.  We went on an IB training trip to Princeton, NJ, along with a few other teachers from my school, and I was immediately struck by her gift to create amazing lessons.  I think she had two lessons completely planned by the end of our first day!  By the end of the trip we were laughing, joking and I hoped we would be friends for-ev-er.  We even celebrated my 29th birthday (I think?!) in the airport.  Gotta love delayed flights and spending at least an hour on the tarmac waiting for clearance!

Since that summer we’ve celebrated lots of things together – birthdays, anniversaries, last days of school, hours chatting in our classrooms, races, trips, baby showers, babies, trips to the farmer’s market and splash park.  We’ve watched each other change and grow, but the part of our friendship that I absolutely adore is watching our daughters together.

Piper and Harper

Today Hilary and I took our girls to the Zoo.  You already know how I feel about being outside so when we made plans to go to the Zoo while we were on spring break I was beyond excited.  As any momma knows, play dates are important time for teaching our kids how to interact with one another  catching up with friends and knowing that you aren’t alone or crazy in this journey called parenthood.  Parenting is by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I never knew that such a little person could bring out so much emotion in me, truly.


This is how most of the day was spent.  Harper didn’t want to ride in her stroller, she wanted to push Piper**.  Of course you can’t have a nearly two and a half year old pushing a nearly three year old, so Hilary just rolled with it and guided them along.  With grace and without judgement, she treated Harper like her own.  Today it didn’t feel like it was “my kid and your kid”.  Today we were the village for each other.  Today it didn’t matter who had what for lunch, we shared everything.  You want cheese and crackers?  Sure thing!  You’d like some grapes?  No problem!  Piper wants to ride in my stroller?  Sure!  Hop in!


Today my momma’s heart is thankful for wonderful friends and a village that keeps me sane.  Or at least as sane as I can be until “the witching hour” between dinner time and bed time.  Hilary, I think I may be calling you for some tips to make it through that one!

**Note:  When Harper wasn’t pushing Piper, they were ahead of us holding hands.  It was seriously the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen!  If they weren’t holding hands then Harper wanted me to carry her.  Praise God for CrossFit!


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