There is just something about playing outside that sets me free.  I don’t know if it’s just the gentle sunshine or breeze on my face as I watch Harper play that somehow relaxes me or if it’s just as simple as being away from all of the things I feel like I should be doing when we are home.


Maybe it’s a combination of both things.  Maybe it’s just living in the moment of being outside and all of the memories that follow me from my own childhood.  Playing outside until the street lights came on, going to Six Flags Atlantis in Ft. Lauderdale with our season passes, or going to the beach nearly every weekend with my mom.


The older Harper gets the more I look forward to being outside with her.  Sharing some sweet moments together as she squeals with delight as I chase her, or “chase you!” as she says.  I love kicking off my shoes and just taking it all in.  I love when she asks me to “come play, momma!”


These moments help me push past the temper tantrums that ensue on our way home or the crazy times of chasing down the naked child who doesn’t want to get into the bath tub.  These moments help me push past the whiny child who isn’t satisfied with dinner and would rather eat veggie chips and apple sauce.  These moments are what I’m going to remember when my little girl won’t want to play outside with me any more.

These moments are precious, as perfect as any moment in time can be.  I’ll have to remember to never pass up a time to go outside, take a breath and be free.

What do you think about playing outside?  Is there a special place that helps you be free?


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