Three things Wednesday

I’m always trying to keep it real here on the blog so I thought I would share three real things about my Wednesday.


1. Today I had to go to the district science fair representing my school.  Our school had eight kids there, six of which were my students.  I’ve never been to the district fair before (although I’d gone a few times when I was in school a million years ago) and I had no idea what to expect.  I was hoping to give support to my students but as soon as they were allowed into the gym with their projects I was ushered to a room where the other teachers were and told that I could see them after judging was over, around 11:30am.  Ah well.  While I was there I totally got sucked into the Panera bagels and Dunkin’ Donuts doughnut holes.  Lunch was a 6in. Firehouse turkey sub, chips and more doughnut holes.  So much for being strong and staying Paleo today.

2. Science fair ended and I was out of there before noon.  I went to the outlet mall to run an errand and I’m now blogging from my table in a mismatched outfit of sweatpants that my sister-in-law Amy got me for Christmas two years ago, a white tank, a purple long sleeved cardigan and multicolor striped toe socks.

3. There are roughly a million other things that I could be doing with my afternoon including organizing, cleaning, going to CrossFit because the girl I tutor cancelled for this afternoon (see #1 for even more reason that I should do this one), pick up Harper and spend some sweet girl time with her, or cuddle with Auggie.  Instead, I think I am going to be selfish and enjoy the house to myself for the next few hours before the crazy evening ritual begins.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even take a nap.  Why not?  We all need a little time to ourselves, right?

What are some things that you did today?  Were you able to get some time to yourself?


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