Table for two

A few weeks ago Carl and I started to notice that Harper was taking more of an interest in the “big table”, climbing up on the chairs and sitting or sitting on her knees.  Seeing her want to be at the “big table like a big girl” was pretty cute, actually, but somewhat of a concern for us that she would lose her balance if she was on her knees trying to do something or even stand up on the chair.  Harper knows she’s not allowed to stand on the chair but she is almost two and is already starting to toe the line and if I’m being honest, I’m glad that she is trying to see what she can do and explore, as long as she’s not being defiant about it.

Long story long, we got Harper her own little table!  A friend of mine owns a kids resale shop and she was the first person that I messaged to see if they had anything in stock.  Luckily they did and within a few minutes she sent me a picture and told me the price and I was SOLD!  Carl went to pick it up on Friday and Harper just loves it!  We had to get creative with the arrangement in our living room but it works and our little one is enjoying coloring, eating and playing with her stuffed animal friends.



I see many, many tea parties in our future!

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